requires precision.

The task of finding the ideal candidate is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Moreover, when recruiting an executive there are many issues that need clarifying beforehand such as: Does the candidate fit in with our corporate culture? Will he or she be able to smoothly integrate into the existing team? Could I be investing a substantial amount of money and time in someone who isn’t likely to pass the probationary period?

haystax is the service provider who can answer these questions with a clear promise. Namely, we will only introduce you to candidates who have been thoroughly vetted in a series of interviews – and who we believe are capable of doing the job.

In order to understand your wishes, we need to get a detailed picture of your company. In an intensive preliminary meeting, we will familiarise ourselves with your company’s culture, values and requirements. Together we will then agree on a strategy and a realistic time frame for the recruiting process.

Feel free to call us without any obligation.
Everything you say will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.


Step by step
to a new executive.


Clarifying your requirements
at a preliminary meeting

Defining the job
profile together

Systematic search for
suitable candidates (haystax database
or via the internet,
e.g. social media
or online advertisements)


Interviewing potential
candidates by
telephone or in person

Checking application

Drawing up a
shortlist of
suitable applicants


job interviews

Assistance in the
selection of the
successful candidate

Follow-up meeting
during the
probationary period

Excerpt from the general terms and conditions.
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