Your career –
made by haystax.

Finding the right professional fit is sometimes like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. What you need is a recruiter who really knows the hospitality industry and can introduce you to the right employer. Our recruitment process aims to bring you directly to your goal by avoiding unnecessary online application forms, using time constructively and not making any mistakes.

To achieve this, we put the emphasis on the individual as well as your needs, goals and potential. We see ourselves more as career consultants and companions than a recruitment agency. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t sometimes think outside the box and advise you to take an unconventional path that perhaps wasn’t part of your career plan. We’ve accompanied many hotel executives throughout their careers – for decades in some cases – and have developed close personal relationships along the way.

We are specialised in executive recruitment, so we mostly recruit people from middle management upwards. This is why we don’t have an online job portal; we provide every candidate with a personal and discreet service.

And it’s good to know that candidates do not incur any costs for the recruitment.


Step by step
towards your new job.


Reviewing your documents and
matching you with vacancies

Holding a preliminary

Sending a data sharing link
in accordance with GDPR


Help in optimising
your application

Identifying potential

Selecting suitable job offers and
presenting them to you


Presenting your documents
to the employer

Giving general advice
and support during
the application process

Arranging the
job interview


Preparing for
the interview

Assisting with
contract negotiations

Receiving feedback
during the
probationary period

Please feel free to send us your application documents by email without further obligation.
We will then contact you to discuss how to proceed.